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The New PTK Forensics 3.0 is Coming!


Dear PTK Forensic User, 

Thank you for your interest in PTK Forensics, the ultimate Computer Forensic Framework Based upon the sleuthkit.

With over 10000 downloads of its free version since 2008, PTK is one of the most recognized Computer Forensic tools available in the market. Starting from April 17, 2013, we will release a completely new version of PTK Forensics, with many new features and enhancements. More than 50 new features are going to be included, along with better performances and allowances for a totally new forensic experience. In particular: 

  • PTK Forensic 3 - will have a completely new interface, that will further simplify the examiner. Over 110K lines of code for a completely new tool and over 1500 hours of testing and tuning work will guarantee a completely new user experience, still keeping an incredibly great price/quality ratio

  • New Plug In Archtecture - We revised the existing framework in a way that now PTK is able to enhance its Plug in capability. With the new version, users will be able to define their own plugins and extend their investigation with any UNIX command line tool that will be needed. 
  • Workgroup and Cloud Ready. PTK Forensics will be able to support small workgroup up to Cloud Archtectures, for maximum investigative scalability.
  • Advanced Image and partition management. Users can now more easily check the integrity of each evidence acquired by verifying the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of the disk image. On each partition several operations can be performed: MD5 and SHA1 hashe calculation, timeline generation, filetype recognition, keyword and folders indexing and data carving. Users are also now able to create and customize your own File Type set defining extension and file header.  

    Please note that - starting from march 31-2013 the current version of DFLabs PTK forensics will be no longer supported. Are you interested in a new experience? if so, just check the video below and stay tuned with us, just compiling the form aside, so you will be able to participate at our PTK Launch Webinar, March 14, 2013!